Are We There Yet? A lesson in Patience


Are we there yet? I feel like the kid in the backseat on a road trip to an unknown destination. The pandemic has been a long ride, and it is testing everyone's patience and resolve. Patience has been a theme that continues to show up in my life, and it was made even more evident during a recent experience I had in Peru. My first adventure in nine months.

I did not make the decision to travel lightly. Before I left, the travel-gods were testing my resolve by throwing many hurdles and challenges in my way (COVID testing coordination issues, flight cancellations/rescheduling, etc.). I pushed on and took the leap. Once I arrived in Cusco, Peru, the challenges continued as I adapted to the increase in altitude (Cusco is 11,000 feet above sea-level). On our first night, the retreat center's reception building caught on fire; no one was hurt, and the fire was put out relatively quickly but, it definitely added to the drama.

A true challenge of my patience was the day I woke up at 1 am for our venture to Machu Picchu, a life-long dream for me. The plan was to take the train and then ascend on foot from the train station. Unfortunately, a protest against the train system blocked the railways and caused them to suspend service for more than five days. My dream had to be postponed, not canceled. Again, this was yet another test for me (2020, you devil!).

What I got in return for my patience was so much more. I fully embraced all of the gifts that Peru had to offer, especially the people who shared themselves fully, even though language differences created a challenge. I am grateful for the lessons to let go, just be in the moment, and embrace patience!

What is a recurring theme or lesson that has been showing up for you lately? How are you going to take that with you moving forward?


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