To-Do List Phenomenon


I want to take a moment to point out a very human phenomenon that really pisses me off. I coach leaders. People who have the potential to create a legacy of positive impact on the planet. People who could be giants if they truly wanted. I see people filling their time with the day-to-day "things" they need to handle, but there will never be an end to all the things we can find to put on our list. This is what I refer to as the "To-Do List" Phenomenon.

There's a list that is far more important than our "To Do" list. I call it our "To-Be" list. That's where all the things live that really makes the difference because if we put our full attention on this list, not only would the To-Do list start to handle itself, but the quality of our To-Dos would become significantly higher. Instead of just keeping up with your emails and effectively treading water, you would instead actually be going somewhere. I see people continually using their To-Do list as an excuse for not being able to get around to what's truly timely, important, and meaningful.

Imagine being excited about a road trip to a destination you have dreamed about going to, but you spend your life handling errands and never actually leave town. What people don't get is that once you actually get on the journey, everything changes. Your priorities and your "To Dos" up-level because who you are has up-leveled. I know it can be scary, but the world needs your brilliance, and that's why I'm here. When you show up for honest, deep conversation and allow yourself to be guided in taking one step further than you think you're capable of, new worlds of possibility open to you.

If you are looking for a simple skill or a quick fix on something, I am not your person. But if you're ready to go deeper than you thought you could go, explore the dark cave to its bottom, and polish the diamond we find there into its true brilliance... then we should have a conversation. Let's find your inspiration.


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