Your Environment Shapes You


Did you know that your environment shapes you? There is really no way around it. Our human system is designed to survive (all the way down to our DNA), based on responding to its environment. So, while our home environment shaped us when we were kids, our work environment shapes us as adults. What’s interesting is that when I was very young, I somehow knew this. At around six years old, I started painting. But not dogs or cats or my parents like most kids did. I used my paintbrushes to create rooms, and each room was intricately designed to create a different feeling: excitement, tranquility, happiness, focus. I was in love with the idea that people would go into these different rooms and have access to amazing new feelings that would help them create whatever they wanted. 

Sometimes people ask me how long I have been doing my work. One answer is “3-4 years”. The other answer is “My entire life.” I am passionate about helping people see how the container we are put in has an enormous effect on us. So, if you want to change your situation, change the environment you are in. This is what I teach leaders to do. To create the space for people to feel safe, inspired, and expand to their full potential in that environment. Sadly, many people feel that work is a place their soul goes to die in return for a paycheck. As a leader, we have the choice to create an environment where people can either thrive or just survive. So whether you’re currently leading a company or you want to create a legacy by leading something that impacts the world, I am here to help you get there. It makes me think of the movie “The Field of Dreams” when Kevin Costner keeps hearing a voice that says, “If you build it... they will come.” If you build the right space where people feel that they are making a difference and can bring their best selves, then they will come. 

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