Journey to Peru


Have you ever had the experience of fulfilling a lifelong dream? 

I recently checked a big one off my bucket list, and as expected, it was even more profound than I could imagine. After almost 24 hours of travel, I arrived at my destination in Cusco, Peru.

I wanted to know the people, the culture, the land, and the spirit of the place, but most of all, something about Peru's energy had always called to me, and I had to experience it for myself. One of the many highlights was when we woke up at 1 am to climb a mountain under the stars. Just before dawn, clouds filled the entire valley below us, and as the sun rose, we were on our own island in the sky. It was a level of beauty and inspiration like I have never experienced. It was so euphoric, and I felt myself settling into my heart in a new way.

But when it came to the cherry on top. The very thing I had been looking forward to my entire life, visiting Machu Picchu. I hit a roadblock. Due to a railroad strike, and despite our best efforts, we would not be able to make it happen on this trip. I just had to let it go. My heart wasn't just breaking; it was breaking open. Going to a place where people appear seemingly worse off than you and yet are so happy, at peace, and fulfilled. It gave me a sense of how much we really do have and how grateful I can be for my experiences, not what I didn't have. And that's where the shift in perspective happens. Where do I over complicate my life? Where do I hold myself back? Where do I succumb to my limited views on what's really possible for me?

If you want a shift, you could go to Peru and have the experience I did, or we could have a conversation where I show you how your choices and actions really can guide your career, your relationships, and your ability to be the architect of your life.

Here's the link if you'd like to reach out. Let's find your inspiration.



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