Inspiration and Soul’s Purpose


Have you ever thought you knew exactly what you wanted, only to realize later it wasn't what you wanted at all? The watched the animated Disney movie "Soul," and it's kind of all about that... but it's from the perspective of what our soul already knows and is trying to help us find in our lives.

Inspiration is a big part of my work. I have walked away from prestigious, lucrative jobs in my life because the inspiration wasn't there, and I just had to trust that it wasn't my path. And as Robert Frost said in his poem, "The Road Not Taken," and that has made all the difference.

I believe inspiration is like communicating with our soul's purpose. The moments where we feel lit up and inspired are clues to what we're supposed to be doing more of in our lives. When we relate to these moments, we start to come into alignment with our purpose.

It is not something where you can sit around, doing the same things over and over, waiting for it to find you. It doesn't work like that. You have to be actively listening for that spark. As you move through your day, notice what things light you up and inspire you; the more clearly you see those things, the more they'll guide you to what, where, and who you're truly meant to be.

In many ways, this is what my work is all about. You don't have to limit yourself to a life of just getting by. There's a bigger picture to all of this, and when someone helps you to see it, a whole new path of possibility can open up. If you would like to know more about all this, give me a shout.


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