Be Disruptive


Have you ever been told as a kid not to be disruptive? It's kind of ingrained in society that it's a bad thing. But I love being disruptive in a good way.

It means thinking differently like the companies that come into an industry and completely change the game. Everyone is going to the left, but this company says, "Well, we went to the right and look at what we can produce when we do."

Disruptive thinking is what visionaries do. They see something that others don't, and because of that, they change the way we live.

Remember back when everybody thought the earth was flat, and this one guy said, "Actually, it is round." People lost it! At first, but it completely changed our understanding of the universe.

How about that guy who invented penicillin from mold? He took the very thing that ruins food and instead made medicine out of it! Who saw that one coming?

And what about that amazing African American woman in the 60's who wouldn't move to the back of the bus and sparked a revolution of equality? All these people were disruptors.

To be a part of this club doesn't mean you're required to be on a world stage. It simply means you feel the internal freedom to bring your unique perspective forward. But most people end up living quiet lives, envying others' success because they could never get out of the box of playing it safe. You don't have to settle for that.

I love breaking people's patterns of thinking. In fact, this work is so deep and inspiring that I went through the work to become a certified disruption advisor. When I work with my clients, I help them think bigger than ever before. I lovingly disrupt the patterns holding them back and help them see what's possible when they change how they look at the world and their situation.

If you're here to play a bigger game, then I'm here to help you get out on the field. Give me a shout if you're feeling it. Find your inspiration.


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