What's Your Mission?


Have you ever started a completely new relationship with something really old? Like something from the back of your closet that suddenly becomes your favorite new thing?

Well, I'd like to offer you a new relationship with a particular word. Many people don't really know what a mission is, much less how to know their own mission. Here's my simple perspective on it.

Imagine a child with one of those solid rubber, bouncing balls. They throw it down, and it bounces incredibly high. Then it comes down and bounces up again, but not quite as high. Then down and up again, and again and again.

Now imagine that as you go through your life, an idea comes to you now and then. Something you feel intrigued by, moved by, inspired by.

And just like the arc of this bouncing ball, over time, this idea keeps coming to you. Just as that ball starts making smaller bounces in shorter periods of time, as you mature, this idea comes more rapidly. It's in your thoughts more often. As this ball slows to a stop, you find this idea living at the back of your mind. That's how you know your mission. It's that part of you that keeps showing up over time and just won't let you go.

I don't do what I do because I think it's the best way of making a living. If that were the case, I would have stayed in my corporate role.

I do what I do because throughout the journey of my life, I have noticed how lit up and alive I feel when I create the perfect conditions for leaders to become the very best of who they are. That's how I want to create abundance for myself.

What about you? What's that idea, concept, or project that keeps knocking on your door? My mission is to help you get there. Give me a shout if you know it's time to talk about it. Let's find your inspiration.


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