What is Sparking Me Up: Ozan Varol


Reading: Ozan Varol is a former rocket scientist, turned award-winning professor, successful blogger, and author of the number one best-selling book Think Like a Rocket Scientist. He is also a past guest on The Virtual Campfire (have a listen). One of his recent blog posts titled "Your safety net is a straitjacket" was packed with some great insights I wanted to share with you. Ozan realized that the safety net of his tenured professorship had become a straitjacket to bigger potential opportunities. It immediately had me thinking about so many people I have had conversations with who feel like they are stuck because of the comfort that their careers created, but they have dreams that are not being fulfilled. As Ozan beautifully explains: "By all means, if your safety net isn't confining you, if it still serves you and fuels what you're doing, keep it. But if you find that your safety net has morphed into a straitjacket, if its comforting embrace has come to suffocate you, then free yourself from its grip, thank it for its service, and let it go." When I hear those words, I hear my story echoing through it. How about you? Check it out here.


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