The Virtual Campfire: Forging A Path Of Extreme Adventure: Creating Success And Fulfillment With Erik Seversen

"You need teamwork. You can’t succeed on the mountain alone. You need to be prepared."

68VCPsquareOne of my recent favorite episodes of The Virtual Campfire is my interview with Erik Seversen, "Forging A Path Of Extreme Adventure: Creating Success And FulfillmentErik has forged a path filled with extreme adventure and personal success, and he embodies living life to the fullest. He models the way to step outside of our self-imposed boundaries, so we can expand our capacity to experience more. As a full-time writer and public speaker, he shared some of the highlights from his books, ExploreOrdinary to Extraordinary, and The Successful Mind, to show how he puts himself out there to experience not only the high highs but also the low lows, revealing the true beauty of a life well-lived.

Check out the episode and many others HERE.


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