Shed the Formality: Climbing the Right Mountain


"It is selfish for you not sell." 

A little while back, I joined the incredible Stacey Shipman on her podcast Shed the Formality. Stacey is a master connector and facilitator, and you get the sense from the moment you meet her that your day is going to get better; she has a special kind of energy that is hard to explain. We had a great conversation that covered some of my back story and the areas where my passions converged through my journey. We covered a lot of ground and, here are the key areas: 

  • Money, fulfillment, and a corporate career 
  • Marrying my love of science with the discipline of business 
  • Beliefs and behaviors that held me back and how I dropped them 
  • Losing myself, finding myself, and using the past to become a powerful coach
  • Answering the question: Can you be a badass and feel your feelings? 
  • Getting comfortable with sales 
  • The biggest formality I had to shed and how 

Check out the episode here and many other places I have been showing up here.


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