Climbing the Right Mountain Book Is Here

Climbing the Right Mountain Mock Up

When you are climbing a mountain, there will be times when you start questioning whether you want to keep going. You start questioning if you made the right choices.

I use this metaphor with my clients as they climb the mountain of their professional and personal life. So, I am overflowing with excitement, and if I am completely honest, I am somewhat nervous, to share a personal achievement in service of the people I guide and support. It is an achievement that represents the last year of my life. I just completed my first book, "Climbing The Right Mountain."

As we navigate our path in work and life, it is very common to say, "When I get that promotion, or I reach this point, or I achieve this level of success, then I will be happy, but it's usually defined by what other people think success looks like. And I can't tell you how many people have gotten what they thought they wanted only to realize they have been climbing the wrong mountain the entire time.

The real path to success and fulfillment can only be defined for ourselves, and this book helps you determine that path for you and then use the guideposts to travel that path. The book is based on years of certifications and training, coaching leaders and seeing their real-life challenges and my own extreme curiosity of people, the world, and my endless quest to discover the difference that really makes the difference.

If you have been following my videos, newsletters, podcasts and you are curious what kind of a book I would write, then it would mean so much to me for you to check it out. My desire for this book is simply to serve people, so I purposely made it very concise. I wanted it to illuminate the path, get you the golden nuggets and get on the right mountain with a backpack full of insights and inspirations.

The Amazon link is here, and it would warm my heart if you get yourself a copy. This book is my inspiration because it helps others find theirs. Let's find your inspiration.


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