Find Your Spark


What do you do when you have lost your spark?

We all know what it’s like when we have our spark because our view of the world is optimistic. We feel energized. There’s more bounce in our step. We move forward with more intention and purpose. Suffice to say; it feels pretty awesome.

When we’ve lost our spark, we might feel low energy and are just going through the motions to make it through the day. Not a ton of excitement, joy, or significant things to look forward to.

Now that doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Losing our spark, finding our spark. That’s just part of the human condition. No one is going to be “on fire” all the time, including me.

But finding our spark when we lose it doesn’t mean it has to be like waiting for a shooting star to appear or a rare flower to magically grow in our yard.

You can make your life aligned by rediscovering your spark all the time.

Some of the things that bridge the gap between us and our spark are: getting connected with others, exploring new ideas and new places, getting out into nature, and exploring a particular form of art that most inspires you.

If you’ve been following my posts, you may know that for me, it’s going to museums and exploring architecture.

With the pandemic, it can seem more complicated, but all of these things are still easily accessible to us.

This is something I have coined as the “flashpoint moment.” It’s that moment when the right elements come together and result in your gifts ignited in the world. First, there is nothing, and then the spark comes, and you light up, you are ignited!

I see this all the time because I’ve devoted my life to being the flint that creates the spark for others. It brings me so much joy to help people nurture that spark into a flame in their lives and careers. That’s literally my job.

As complex as it all may seem, it’s actually pretty simple. I’m someone who helps others find their spark. So if you want to find yours, let's have a conversation. Let’s find your inspiration.


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