What is Your Currency?


What's your Currency? If you live in the US or Europe, you may say the "Dollar" or the "Euro." But currency is nothing other than a means for exchange, and that goes far beyond just money. 

I used to see money as the measure of my success because, admittedly, that's how everyone else saw it. 

In his book "How will you measure your life?" Clay Christensen shares that after graduating from Harvard Business School, many of his friends went on to build careers making enormous sums of financial wealth. 

And yet... the majority of them were divorced, didn't see their kids, and were filled with regrets. 

They may have had a lot of "money," but their lives... were miserably poor. And yet, a little shift in thinking could have changed all that. Because the more value you bring into the world, the more people want to pay you for it. 

For me, I measure myself by how many conversations I have had that change people's lives and how many moments I've felt lit up inside. I see every conversation as a chance to paint a masterpiece of value for someone's life. 

If I measure success by that, I'm a millionaire - a billionaire. And the more value I create, the more my business and finances naturally expand. 

Now that may seem radical, but as history has always shown, once enough people get it, what once seemed radical eventually replaces yet another form of outdated thinking. 

So what's your currency? 

What can you trade your time and energy for that creates a foundation of impact, value, and sustainable happiness that results in wealth of all forms in your life? 

Now THAT is a game worth playing. Let's find your inspiration.


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