Nothing Is As It Seems


“Nothing Is As It seems,” to take a riff off of an old Pearl Jam song. 

It’s easy to look around and see people looking like rockstars on social media, perfectly put together on LinkedIn or like they have got it all figured out on Zoom.

But what we see on the surface can be misleading, and without really knowing the world beneath it, we can make up all kinds of stories.

This can be a huge disservice to our careers because without even realizing it, we can create separation between ourselves and the very people who could be our greatest and most unexpected allies.

When I was in the corporate world, I remember feeling triggered by a particular co-worker. It always felt like I was in competition with them. But, when we finally got to know each other, we found ways to work together, collaborate, and even help each other succeed. It was a total win/win. 

The funny thing is that they felt triggered by me as well. So, in bridging that gap, we eased what could have been tremendous tension in the office, plus it led to some great opportunities for us both! 

What’s sad is that this happens all the time, every day. In fact, somewhere in the world, right now, well-meaning people are limiting their true potential by making assumptions about others.

So, if you have someone in your career that you feel anxiety, judgment, or comparison with… don’t let it get to you. 

You can slow things down, see through the illusion and make a choice that opens up all-new possibilities. 

If you need a little guidance to reframe your situation, I can help you. Let’s find your inspiration.


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