Make It A Masterpiece


How is your life like your favorite painting? How is it different?

I have been thinking a lot about the creative process lately and how in the day-to-day rush to get things accomplished, we separate our creativity from the way we live our lives. Maybe that works if we are going for robot-like productivity. But it's terrible for our deepest, truest selves.

That's because we are all wired for creativity. And when we leave that out, we are leaving out a big part of who we are. We are leaving out the love.

What if, instead, we slowed down and treated our lives as though they were works of art that we could paint and repaint and create in our unique way?

What if this weren't just some provocative question but something you could actually do?

Picture this: Your mind is like a paintbrush, and creativity happens as you begin to think differently. This is what I do with my clients. I challenge them to live into new possibilities, paint their world with different brushes, and create their own masterpiece.


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