There Are Hidden Patterns In Everything. Are You Ready To See Them?


"One of the pleasures of looking at the world through mathematical eyes is that you can see certain patterns that would otherwise be hidden." – Steven Strogatz

I have got something radical to share with you. Most people don't make choices. Instead, they just follow the patterns and habits that have allowed them to survive and get by. That's what brought them to their current level of success, and at some point, that pattern will lose its effectiveness. This means, to get to the next level, a whole new pattern is required.


In case you didn't notice, there is a particular pattern in the lightbulb image on my company logo. It is inspired by what is called sacred geometry. Sacred geometry describes the patterns that have existed in nature from the beginning of time. You can see them in plants, seashells, snowflakes, or even in spiraling galaxies out in space.

Sacred geometry lets us know that there is an intelligence behind all patterns. They don't just form by a fluke or chance; they are following a natural evolution. In the same way, our patterns aren't good or bad; they are just a natural evolution of what had us survive and get by.

However, the less we can see our patterns, the more they control and limit us because they guide us to make choices from our survival mode. The more we learn to see our patterns, the more agency we have in every choice we make.

I have integrated sacred geometry into my logo because my work is all about helping people see their current patterns, reframe their thinking, and access new patterns that lead to new ideas, perspectives, and actions that completely change the game they are playing. And once you see it, you can't really go back.

Just like in the movie the Matrix, where Neo chose between the blue pill to stay asleep or the red pill to wake up and discover who he really is. Which pill would you choose?


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