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The Transformative Leader Podcast: Leading and Coaching from Inspired Purpose

In this episode of the Transformative Leader Podcast, I’m happy to bring you a conversation with executive and leadership coach, Tony Martignetti, about supporting leaders in unlocking their inherent potential to transform through coaching that brings them to a place of inspired purpose. Tony is the founder of Inspired Purpose Coaching and is known for supporting leaders in finding clarity so that they are energized, unstoppable, and able to lead with a strong presence. When leaders unlock their potential and lead from a place of inspired purpose, their positive impact and powerful leadership are amplified exponentially.

Tony helps people successfully navigate through difficult, potentially uncomfortable inflection points, such as the one we are all living through now, and including managing business transitions like downsizing due to the current economy. Tony is definitely a kindred spirit, even down to the fact that we both came from technical backgrounds and independently discovered a holistic understanding of leadership and human potential that is fundamental to Transformative Leadership. This was a great conversation with a great guest, and I hope to have Tony back again soon, so be sure to check this episode out!

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How Tony became interested in coaching and helping others, from his background in finance and strategy.
  • What hurdles Tony faced in his journey and how he overcame them?
  • What inspires Tony to coach leaders to unlock their potential.
  • How to effectively navigate personal and professional change
  • And much more…

Tony Martignetti is an executive and leadership coach with a specialty in working with leaders and their teams to navigate through change and unlock their true potential. He supports leaders in gaining clarity so they can make well-informed decisions, improve their leadership skills, and ultimately increase their impact. Prior to his experience as a coach, Tony was a finance and strategy professional with experience working with some of the world’s leading life sciences and biotech companies. Along his journey, he also managed a number of small businesses and ran a financial consulting company.

Guest Links:

To learn more about Tony and his work, you can visit his website. You can connect with Tony on LinkedIn, Twitter, and by emailing him at, all of which can be found on his LinkTree page.


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