Mastering Midlife: Defining Your Own Fulfillment

Defining Your Own Fulfillment

Mastering Midlife: Defining Your Own Fulfillment

Today on Mastering Midlife:

  • How Tony connected with his inner self.
  • Tony's academic path and his fascination with how the human body moves.
  • What inspired Tony to become a coach.
  • How Tony helps his clients define self-fulfillment.
  • Why do many people have trouble defining fulfillment?
  • Tony's definition of fulfillment.
  • How fulfillment can be a losing game.
  • How Tony finally realized what fulfilled him and his addiction to "doing."
  • Tony's first foray into the coaching world.
In today’s episode, Tony joins me to discuss the importance of finding what fulfills you. He shares why he is empathic about other people’s lives and how he connects with his clients. He discusses how he discovered his passion for leadership coaching. He explains the idea of fulfillment, how he helps his clients define what fulfills them, and why it’s okay to not know if a solution will work. Tony also shares what it was like being a coach for the first time and the lessons he learned from his journey.

"You have to connect with your experience to see that you can find contentment in the moment." - Tony Martignetti

Tony Martignetti is a mentor, leadership advisor, career navigator, and podcast host. He is the Chief Inspiration Officer at Inspired Purpose Coaching, a coaching company with a mission to help leaders elevate themselves through finding meaning and purpose in their careers and personal lives. He is the host of The Virtual Campfire Podcast, a show where he invites inspiring and motivational mentors to talk about their journey and how they found their purpose in life. Tony is also on the way to launching his first book, Climbing The Right Mountain, which is scheduled to be published this year.

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