The Third Growth Option with Benno Duenkelsbuehler

third growth option

The Third Growth Option: Facing Change – Unfiltered in a Filtered World

Because there is no growth without change, Tony Martignetti (Chief Inspiration Officer and host of the Virtual Campfire Podcast) and I talk about different ways to face change.

3:10 – “when you start listening to what’s your soul’s purpose, that’s something that you have to get really quiet to hear… and when you listen, it points you in directions that are really powerful.”

5:02 – “it’s time I need to stop collecting a paycheck and take up space, I need to do something with life… and I decided to get up and walk out.”

8:34 – “the unknowns left me with so many fears… but that’s where the growth is. Uncertainty is a powerful motivator.”

10:04 – “A lot of people hold back the things that are inside them, they are filtering themselves from completing their mission.”

10:39 – “…your story that you use to uncover your past is what moves you forward… when you reflect on these moments, these flashpoints, these points in your story that ignited your gifts into the world, that becomes a foundation of what moves you forward.”

15:57 – “There is more possibility… and when you do that you see “I can make possibilities happen’, that I’ve been filtering myself, putting myself into a box.”

23:14 – “Authenticity happens when you act out your intentions in full… when you come from that place of intentionality it’s so much more powerful.”

25:40 – “…being able to put out what you’re meant to be doing, in your own way, unfiltered…that’s what many people are afraid to be.”



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