Seen and Heard


Have you noticed that no matter how proficient we are in our work, the basic human need to be seen and heard still runs our lives?

If you're inside of a corporation, you may wonder, "Why don't people listen to me? Why am I not recognized or promoted for what I do?"

If you're an entrepreneur and you're putting yourself out onto social media, it can feel like putting your energy out into a void and never having it come back to you, and you are wondering, "Is anyone receiving what I'm putting out there?"

I want to offer you two perspectives that can be helpful here.

Number one: Many of us share our thoughts, ideas, and perspectives half-heartedly because we're afraid of being rejected, ridiculed, or put down.

We keep our voices and our presence small, and as a result, we don't draw the attention of others. But when we release our need for validation and instead find our courage, speak our truth, and stand for what we believe in, it creates gravity to our words that stand out in people's listening.

Number two: Sometimes, people can't hear you because they're simply not the right people to receive your message.

In other words, you're just not in the right place. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and if you're not speaking to the people who really are your tribe, then it can feel as futile as trying to make lemonade out of oranges.

Find the right place for your vibe, and you will find your tribe.

Clearly, these two perspectives can feel intimidating because you're moving from an old way of being into a completely new one. But that's what gives us the breath of life. That's where we evolve, grow, and accomplish things that make a difference in the world and have us come alive.

That's what I have committed my life to helping others with. If this sounds like you, then you are who I am here to serve.


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