Leaders Are Readers


I am a voracious reader, and I tend to tap into a broad range of books. Everything from fiction to non-fiction, business to science, art/architecture to nature, and on and on. Sometimes I read a book cover to cover, sometimes I skim for the highlights, and often I listen to them on Audible to take in what I can through soundbites. I have come to see that the books I have read have had a significant impact on me. It has opened new ways of thinking, new ways of learning, and often it has opened up a dialog with people who have changed my life.

Every time someone comes on my podcast, The Virtual Campfire, I ask them what are one or two books that have had an impact on their lives. I am always amazed at what comes up. What is really interesting is not the books themselves but what they take away from them. Sometimes books are like a teacher that we meet at just the right time in our journey to open up a new pathway. If you are interested in checking out some of my favorites (just the tip of the iceberg), check out my Leaders Are Readers book list. Check it out here.


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