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You're In Charge: Inspired Leadership While Climbing the Right Mountain with Tony Martignetti


What if your leadership style is hurting you? What if what you thought was leadership actually holding you back. That is the conversation in this episode with Tony Martignetti, leadership coach and author of the book "Climbing the Right Mountain. Tony shares his journey where he pivoted from a secure job but not a great work environment to start his own company helping leaders understand what inspired leadership means and how it delivers better results. 

He also shares how his journey inspired his book based on the idea of getting to the top of your desired mountain only to find out you chose the wrong path. A very thoughtful and inspiring conversation. 

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About Tony Martignetti He is an executive leadership coach, creator of Inspired Purpose Coaching, and host of The Virtual Campfire Podcast. And the author of the book Climbing the Right Mountain. Tony was a finance and strategy professional working in some of the world’s leading life sciences and biotech companies before pivoting into coaching. He was unhappy in the toxic workplace environments he was in and made it his mission to help business leaders succeed in pivoting their careers. Tony has extensive experience building high-performing teams, avoiding stress and burnout, and helping leaders live fulfilling lives by coaching them and their teams to navigate through change by unlocking their true potential.  

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