From Reactivity to Creativity


How do you go from reactivity to creativity?

It’s a challenging world these days, and things are coming at us from every direction. But those who can consistently turn reactivity into creativity are always the ones who are most capable of navigating the shifting winds on the ocean of success.

When we encounter a challenge that appears to be an “impossible situation,” our internal process responds by falling into an unresourceful state. However, when we stay open to new possibilities, our internal process remains resourceful, and we find creative solutions to lead us in entirely new directions.

Take the classic example of the scientist trying to create a powerful new adhesive, but instead, he ended up with something light and weak. He could have chalked it up as an epic failure, yet that “seemingly” useless glue became known today as “Post-it Notes,” one of the best-selling office products in the world.

Often, we can feel an overwhelming sense of frustration, anxiety, or fear when we’re up against a challenge. These are the times it’s most important to take the intensity of these feelings and channel them in a different direction. You can do this to resolve a little wrench in your system or a big dam in your life.

Some time back, when I was still in the biotech industry, I was sitting miserably in the board room at yet another grueling executive meeting with no end in sight. I felt frustrated, lost, and stuck.

I could have reacted by just staying and toughing it out. I was convincing myself that I had no other options. Telling myself that I would be a failure if I did anything else. But instead, I channeled all that energy to get myself to stand up, walk out of that meeting and start my own business that I’m absolutely passionate about today.

If I hadn’t directed my energy in a creative way, I might still be in a job that was detrimental to my happiness and health. Whether it’s in big ways or small ways, the ability to go from reactive to creative is like having the Swiss Army knife of possibility right in your pocket.

Creativity is the road to freedom.


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