Are You Ready to Write the Movie Pitch of Your Life?


"All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances.” – William Shakespeare

If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?

This was a question I recently posed in a group coaching session. I love this question because it puts you in a creative mindset and gets you thinking about the key scenes that would be played out on the highlight reel in your head. The defining moments, the moments that would elicit reactions of shock, awe, sadness, frustration, and so many other emotions.

Would your movie be more of a comedy or a tragedy, a love story, or an action/adventure movie? Maybe a blend of all these genres. I want to challenge you to step into the role of the filmmaker pitching your film. All movies have some essential elements that you need to communicate: Premise, Character(s), and Plot.

Your premise is a short sentence that describes the initial state of affairs that drives the plot. For example, “A small town is terrorized by a shark.” What is the premise of your life story?

Once you have your premise, you can dive into developing your characters. How would you describe the main character or yourself in the story? What qualities, roles, and values do you demonstrate?

Finally, you create a compelling plot or storyline. Your plot might describe the trials and tribulations that the main character endures, obstacles they overcome, and lessons they learn as the story unfolds. For example:

  • A tornado picks up a house and drops it on a witch
  • A little girl meets some interesting traveling companions
  • A wizard sends them on a mission
  • They melt a witch with a bucket of water

For me, my movie would probably be called: Are We There Yet?: The Curious Misadventures of A Lost Way-finder. And the abridged plot: an overworked corporate climber finds himself burnt out and unsatisfied, decides to break his patterns, and discovers his true calling.

Now it is your turn. Let’s hear what you come up with! Rolling. Set. Action!!


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