Louder Than Words


Have you ever heard a quote that just stuck with you?

The moment you hear it, it resonates with a deep inner-knowing, and you immediately feel the truth of it? Some of the greatest quotes are the most concise.

One of my favorites is only seven words, and it says, “Your energy speaks louder than your words.

There’s a lot of talk about authenticity these days, and I think this quote simplifies the concept. People tend to confuse the difference between what it means to SOUND or LOOK authentic with what it means to BE authentic.

It’s not about what you SAY or what you DO.

It’s about the energy behind it because you can speak words that aren’t true, and you can take actions that aren’t genuine, but you can’t fake the energy behind it.

People will always notice the incongruence between your words and actions… because we have a subtle awareness of each other’s energy.

Can you think back to a time when someone wanted to enroll you in something, and it sounded good and looked good, but something about it just didn’t feel right?

And... can you think back to a time when someone wanted to enroll you into something, and everything landed right for you, and you were so glad you said yes?

It’s likely because the energy behind it all was authentically aligned with their words and actions.

It’s a powerful way to live, and there is most certainly an art to navigating the world with those three sides of the triangle perfectly aligned.

If that’s the leader you’re here to be, then just know that I’m right beside you on that journey. If you’re looking for an ally to really go the distance, let’s talk about it.

Some of the most inspiring achievements in history were because leaders were powerfully aligned in their words, actions, and energy behind their cause.

How about you?


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