Belonging and Standing Out

If you are anything like me, you have probably had times where you felt a sense of belonging with one group of people, and when you are with other groups, not so much.

We are wired to seek belonging. In fact, humanity probably would have failed if it weren’t for tribes that become communities, and then eventually become societies and gradually became nations.

Today, we have tribes in the form of Meetup groups that offer everything from stamp-collecting to skydiving. People love to be with people where they can celebrate the same shared interests, perspectives, and pursuits… and I love that.

And yet, the groups I feel most drawn to are the ones that celebrate what makes us different.

I am passionate about inspired leaders standing out in the world for the difference they are here to make. But we certainly can’t do that if we all sound just like each other.

I love having a community of leaders who celebrate and support each other to bring their unique voice to their work.

What makes stained glass so special is that when the light shines through, it creates an array of beautiful colors that makes each individual color stand out even more.

That’s why I have created a community where the more someone stands out as different, the more they perfectly fit in with the tribe.

So, how about you? Do you think differently? Do you have something special you want to bring to the world in your own unique way? A way that feels true and aligned with who you really are?

If that’s the case, then this might just be the tribe you’ve been looking for. Reach out if you are feeling it.


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