Who Believes in You?


Why do the moments when others believed in us stand out in our memories?

As a leader, it can feel confronting to climb up through dizzying heights, treacherous paths, and the constantly shifting weather of our career paths while wondering if we're even on the right mountain to begin with.

That's why it's so important to have people who are further along than you, who can see where you are and honestly tell you that not only are you on the right path but that you have what it takes to get there.

I recently had a conversation with someone who is considered one of the top 50 thinkers in the world and a past guest on my Virtual Campfire Podcast. He gave me a huge acknowledgment that I am on the right path. What a gift!

I also get that in a different way from my wife and my son. Even though they have nothing to do with my field of work, they believe in me because they know who I am.

Reflections like these fulfill a basic human need of knowing that we are not alone. It gives us a feeling of being held by something greater than ourselves and offers welcoming nourishment for our journey.

But experiences like these aren't just lucky flukes. I am a part of business communities; I talk with peers, I get high-level coaching to get the feedback, direction, and support I need.

How about you? Here are some critical questions to consider:

  • Do you discount positive reinforcement, or do you welcome it?
  • Do you have communities that provide the reflections that truly serve you?
  • Do you surround yourself with the people that help you believe in yourself?

There are a lot of essential things you need to have on your journey, but without people who believe in you, it's like climbing a mountain without a jacket to keep you warm. I have been fortunate to receive much of this warmth in my life, and it's my joy and honor to offer it to others.


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