Engage in Healthy Conflict


Okay, raise your hand if you love conflict. Amazingly, there are always a few people out there who do. Most of us avoid conflict because it feels uncomfortable, damaging, and emotionally unsafe.

Some people welcome conflict because they know that healthy conflict can be a catalyst for brilliant collaborations, creativity, and growth.

If we look at the work of one of my favorite teachers… nature, it is clear that friction is a necessary part of evolution. Baby chickens would die if they didn’t grow their muscles enough to break out of their egg. Trees become stronger when there is wind, and as much as I am not a fan, cold showers really bring me to life - All forms of conflict.

But when it comes to conflict between humans, all you have to do is turn on the 11 o’clock news to see unhealthy examples. When it’s done right, however, it’s a beautiful thing.

I have found that healthy conflict includes a combination of psychological safety and radical candor. Basically, this means creating a safe space for people to speak up, care deeply, challenge directly without fear of judgment.

This is how great ideas are formed between people with different viewpoints. Through healthy conversations!

It’s not about attacking each other or seeing each other as adversaries. It is about seeing each other as allies in exploring the best path forward. People who avoid healthy conflict will not grow as much because they have no friction to create growth, no catalyst to drive evolution.

Healthy conflict simply means being willing to explore a new way. As a coach, this is how I engage with my clients so they can develop this skill set to navigate in their world. Healthy conflict is simply daring to disturb the universe in the best possible way and rewarded for your bravery.

Safe yet challenged. Alive and engaged. Creating possibilities through invigorating interactions.

When you engage in the right conflict, the world is your oyster.


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