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The Brand Called You Podcast with Ashutosh Garg: Finding Purpose with Inspiration Coaching

We are all on a journey of life, trying to figure out our purpose. With the constant rat race around us, we tend to fall prey to the path of life that society has decided for us. Eventually, we end up losing our spark. It is paramount to draw constant inspiration from things, places, and people around us to chart our unique life paths.

Today, we have Tony Martignetti, an inspiration purpose coach, who talks about how he helps people bring back the lost sparks of life.

He is the founder & chief inspiration officer of Inspired Purpose Coaching. He also hosts a podcast called "Virtual Campfire." In addition, Tony has authored a book titled "Climbing the Right Mountain: Navigating the Journey to an Inspired Life."

He talks about his book about the importance of passion in life. Tony explains the importance of constant inspiration. He further shows a way to draw it from every day, little practices. Finally, he explains inspiration as little communication with our soul's purpose.

He talks at great length about understanding cultures as a coach. Tony understands that his job is not to dictate to people what to do but to give them insights.



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