Kilimanjaro Reboot: Time to Climb the Next Mountain


"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… including you." – Anne Lamott

I love this quote by the author Anne Lamott because it speaks to something profound.

From my own experience and the experience of the countless people I have worked with, we have to unplug from time to time to be at our best. Think about it. We wear ourselves out if we don't take breaks throughout our workday. We get fidgety, tense, and constricted. It starts to get harder to think clearly or focus and we eventually become ineffective.

We find ourselves in a complete rut when we go for months or even years without taking a break. As a result, we're stuck, fuzzy-headed, and disconnected from our purpose.

So, the first level of unplugging is to create time and space for yourself, some "me" time. For example, you might take some time to read a book while swinging in a hammock or take a weekend trip. Perhaps it is building a birdhouse, tending to your garden, or something entirely unrelated to work that fulfills you.

But, what I think is a true game-changer is the Superhero Level of Unplugging. And this is something I have done many times in my life.

At one point in my career, I was laid off from a job and felt uncertain about what I wanted to do next. So, with my wife's support, I took a solo trip through Europe for a few weeks. Another time I was in the middle of starting a new company and decided to go to India for a month. I was full of doubt, guilt, and concern each time, but I came home with incredible gratitude and clarity for my next steps. Even last year, during the pandemic, I went to Peru, which had a powerful impact on my life and business.

It can be scary to step away from our routines and habits, but that's also the point. Unplugging allows us to reset our system, plug back in and work the way we're meant to. But without unplugging and recharging, we can get stuck and eventually fall into a state of decay.

Does this all sound selfish? If you are looking at it from the perspective of being more of your-self, then that is precisely what you need to do. Isn't that the point? To live a life where you feel like you're truly being not just your "self" but your best "self"?

When I go on a trip like this, I feel so much more integrated with myself, and from there, I can lead with clarity, courage, and compassion.

My next adventure is just a few weeks away. I will be climbing 19,341 feet to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I am so excited, and I am already training for it by working out, hiking up into high altitudes, and gathering all the gear I'll need.

If you have been following my work, you will know that I do a lot of different levels of transformational coaching for companies and individuals. However, if you have always wanted to go on a soul-inspiring trip and don't know where to start or how to prepare, then know that I am also here to guide you through every step of the process.

Unplugging resets you, and adventure is fuel for your soul!


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