Fulfillment is not a Destination


I am about to make a very bold statement. We’ve all heard stories of how some random kid in elementary school one day declared during recess that they were going to be famous and then… actually went on to become famous.

Well, in the same spirit, my bold statement is that when it comes to adopting a fulfillment mindset, I’m going to be known as an expert. Not just amongst my peers. Not just in the US but globally.

How do I know this? Because fulfillment is the core theme of my personal journey. Everything I write is connected to fulfillment in some form, and not only am I gifted in guiding people to it, but I also love speaking about it.

You see, what people misunderstand about fulfillment is they think it is a place to get to - a destination.

It’s not. Fulfillment is a place to come from.

You can actually learn to experience fulfillment as a choice. And when we take action from that place of fulfillment instead of fear, our whole life’s journey unfolds differently. Think about that for a moment. If you are already fulfilled, what is there to be scared of?

Most people fear change or are hesitant to take action. But, if you’re already fulfilled, then change is nothing to be afraid of. In essence, you are free, and coming from freedom only creates more freedom, whereas coming from fear only creates more fear.

It’s simple math and ultimately a question of what ride you want to be on. If you’d like a little help getting on track, I’m here to help.


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