Authentic Change Podcast: Inspiring Purpose with Tony Martignetti

Authentic Change Ep 53

Authentic Change Podcast: Inspiring Purpose with Tony Martignetti

“Inspiration is like communication with your soul's purpose,” explains Tony Martignetti, Chief Inspiration Officer of Inspired Purpose Coaching. Tony uses his 25 years of experience to inspire others to find and embrace their purpose through his work as a coach, speaker, author, and podcast host. He joins Mike Horne in conversation to discuss how he found his path and how he uses what he has learned to help others find theirs.

While working in the financial industry, Tony realized he had been trying to fit himself into a box based on what he felt society wanted. After years of working in an industry he wasn’t passionate about, Tony started to feel depressed and burned out. It wasn’t until he opened himself up to the possibility of doing something else, that Tony found his purpose– inspiring others to challenge their worldviews and discover their hidden purposes. He encourages people to take stock of their lives and really notice signals that may be pointing them in a different direction from their current professions. According to Tony, if you are open to inspiration, meditation, and looking for clues, your purpose will be much easier to find.

Stop trudging along the same path just to fit yourself into the wrong box. Tune into this week’s episode of the Authentic Change Podcast to learn more about how to find the inspiration you need to fulfill your true purpose.


  • “What does it look like to get up to that place that we aspire to? What's at the top of the mountain? And that's something that is ingrained in us to want to strive and do more, and that's perfectly normal. We should want to strive for something bigger. The big question is making sure that we're doing it for the right reasons, and we're striving to go on a path that we've defined for ourselves, and we're careful not to just look at what society and other people want for us and just kind of blindly trudging up the mountain.” (4:20-5:03 | Tony)
  • “I would continue to force myself to fit into a world that I thought I had to fit into. And as I continued to do that, I wanted to be as perfect as possible at being that finance expert and fit into a box that I put myself in but also felt like the world wanted me to be put in. And that is what started to limit me and close me in.” (10:50-11:16 | Tony)
  • “If you're looking at the weeks ahead, and you're realizing that you have nothing on your calendar that you're excited about or nothing that really interests you, and you're starting to lose that excitement to get into the office, or even to turn on your computer, then those are signs that things are starting to come to a darker place.” (12:31-12:55 | Tony)
  • “The interesting thing about inspiration is the elements are really looking for the clues and opening yourself up to experiences that might possibly bring you to your purpose. Inspiration is like communication with your soul's purpose.” (17:44-18:03 | Tony)
  • “If you want to have more meaning and purpose in your life, one of the things that's important to do is to not put yourself in a box and to make sure that you get expansive. So move yourself. If you think that, ‘This is who I am, This is how I define myself,’ maybe question how you're defining yourself because your purpose could be on the other side of that.” (27:01-27:23 | Tony)


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