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HR Mavericks Podcast: Adopting a Fulfillment Mindset w/ Tony Martignetti

If you feel like your career is at a dead end, you’ve got a few options: reignite your spark or find another path. On this episode of the HR Mavericks podcast, we talked with Tony Martignetti, founder and chief inspiration officer at Inspired Purpose Coaching, about how to find fulfillment at work – and help others do the same. Tony draws from his own experience reinventing his career, pivoting from finance to the world of executive coaching.

We discussed:

  • The difference between happiness and fulfillment
  • How to know if you’re on a path of fulfillment
  • What it means to have a fulfillment mindset
  • Why you should define success on your own terms
  • Becoming the sort of person you want to be
  • Reconnecting with the reason you chose a career in the first place
  • What leaders can do to help employees find fulfillment

Tony’s recent book, Climbing The Right Mountain: Navigating the Journey to an Inspired Life

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