Happy Productive with Jennifer Dawn


Happy Productive: Living an Inspired Life with Tony Martignetti

As the child of an immigrant, Tony learned that the only way to achieve success is honest hard work, and the harder you work, the more you can achieve. The downside is that this approach often leads to burnout. To truly be successful, we must learn to delegate. Working smarter - not harder - is the key to lasting success.

Tony guides both rising and accomplished leaders. 01:27
Leaders need ongoing development: they must always be learning, growing, and expanding. 03:04
The “I have to be perfect” mindset can be taken to an extreme; we must be happy too. 04:42
We get ourselves stuck in patterns: pause to shift gears. 07:19
Tony was reading an unhealthy amount of self-help books: taking action is the key. 09:20
Jennifer doesn't like Tim Ferris’ book The 4-Hour Work Week. 11:45
Creating leverage: It starts with the leaders putting out the initial principles and letting others build from them.13:32
If you don't trust the people on your team,  delegation won’t work. 15:33
Check and balance with yourself or be a control freak: slow down to speed up. 17:42
Laser focus: expand your vision and narrow your focus. 19:39
Pick the ‘One-thing’ exercise: Jennifer has issues choosing only one. 22:35
Tony is a curious guy: create head-space by writing things that interest you on a list. 23:30
Jennifer has an ABCDE system: a super simple system she can’t live without. 25:33
Each person will have their own unique way of being productive: try out different things to find what works for you. 27:49
Discover the things that light you up and find ways to do them more often. 29:00
Tony is an author and podcaster. 30:04

Connect with Tony: www.inspiredpurposecoach.com



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