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The Executive Edge Podcast: Inspired Purpose and Navigating Change

How to Navigate through Change

Tony is a leadership coach, entrepreneur, idea generator, and a curious adventurer. He brings his experience and formal training together to help elevate and equip leaders with the tools to navigate through change. 

Tony’s mission through his website Inspired Purpose Coaching is to guide leaders who want to have a meaningful impact. He wants to help them lead with purpose and feel fulfilled.

So, what does this episode cover? 

Tony wants to create leaders who are leading for the right reasons, those who have a sense of inspired purpose. We chat about what it means to be inspired and how you find it.  We determine that inspiration is something that really can keep you going and motivates you.  It can be as simple as just having a conversation with someone whose energy or drive is so infectious it inspires you to step into action. “One change can change everything” is a line Tony often uses.

We discuss the starting place for leaders looking to lead better. Tony feels it is through honest conversation. Perhaps the primary and first question should be, “am I happy?” If the answer is “no,” then subsequent questions naturally form - who am I? What do I want? Why do I want it? What is holding me back? Leaders are natural problem solvers, but when tackling these questions, sometimes the same view is held, and the same techniques are used.  It is important to step away, expand the vision and narrow the focus. Look at other possibilities that are available. This will help elevate and equip you to navigate through change and take action better.

We talk about the impact of Covid and how leaders now need to keep teams engaged and inspired when they are not physically in the workplace. Leaders need to be able to draw team members in rather than just simply requiring them to be there. Sometimes it is possible for leaders to simply forget what it is that they have to offer. Reflecting on what you have already achieved and what your values are, are essential areas that should be considered when making decisions about your teams and workplace.

The ability to manage and navigate through change is essential. More recently, the effects of covid and the energy crisis have led to massive changes impacting people from all walks of life. For leaders, it is necessary to ensure that even if they do not have all the answers, they are able to communicate with and help their teams navigate and deal with the situations they meet.

You can find out more about what Tony does by visiting his website -


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