Secrets of Next-Level Entrepreneurs


Secrets of Next-Level Entrepreneurs: 11 Powerful Lessons to Thrive in Business and Lead a Balanced Life

"When a team is battle-ready, they have a foundation of trust and safety; they know each other’s strengths and blind spots and are ready to face whatever happens next." - Tony Martignetti

I am excited to recommend this book because I am a co-author along with ten other incredible thought leaders. The book will hit shelves on March 28th, but you can pre-order your copy now (click here).

Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs brings together a collection of practical and insightful resources that walk you through how to grow a profitable business while maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life. You will learn to run your company effectively while, at the same time, positively contributing to the world. It is packed with hyper-specific and actionable advice about issues that dominate the thoughts of every business leader at one point or another, from how to implement environmentally and socially sustainable practices to building high-performance workplace cultures and setting optimal pricing strategies in environments of high inflation. Check it out here.


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