An Inspired Poem: Words Create Worlds


Words create worlds, from nothingness, they bring

A universe of meaning with each syllable they sing

They conjure up images, both vivid and clear

And transport us to places far and near

With a word, we can inspire, and light up a flame

We can comfort the weary and heal those in pain

We can make sense of the chaos, and find order in the fray

And turn darkness to light with just what we say

Words build bridges between hearts and minds

They help us connect across cultural divides

They teach us to empathize and see the world anew

And show us that there's beauty in things we never knew

Words create worlds, and shape our reality

They have the power to move us, to tears or jubilee

So choose them with care, and use them with intent

For the worlds that we create will be the ones we invent.


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