An Inspired Poem: Tales from The Campfire


Gather 'round the virtual campfire,

Let's share our tales tonight,

Of journeys, struggles, and desires,

And the sparks that gave us light.

We may be miles and screens apart,

But our stories bring us near,

For in this digital hearth we start

To listen, empathize, and cheer.

Here we find our common ground,

And feel the warmth of grace,

As we uncover what we've found

In this human, humble space.

Some of us may come in search

Of guidance, hope, or peace,

While others offer a listening perch

Or a wise word to release.

But all of us are here to share,

And to let our hearts ignite,

In the glow of this virtual fire,

That shines so clear and bright.

So let us pass the torch around,

And keep this flame alight,

For in this circle we have found

A home in each other's light.


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