Unleashed Podcast with Will Bachman

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Unleashed Podcast with Will Bachman

Tony Martignetti and Will Bachman discuss the importance of maintaining energy and excitement as a solopreneur or independent professional. 

They talk about taking an assessment of the tools and different parts that you have been working on for your business. It is important to check in with yourself and ask what it is that you really want and what you are driving towards. It is necessary to determine which tools and activities are providing you with energy and which are draining you of energy. 

They also discuss how to tap into inspiration and creativity. Martignetti recommends getting out of your current environment to experience awe, which can’t be done while sitting behind a desk. Tony shares a few activities where he found inspiration, including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

Priorities and Values in Leadership

Tony talks about the concept of grounded leadership and how to achieve it in the context of executive coaching. Bachman asks for the first step to take to become more grounded. Martignetti responds that it is important to first be thoughtful, clear on one’s priorities and values and that all decisions should be based on these. From there, one can focus on creating calm within the chaos and help others to do the same. This could involve creating a plan to keep oneself grounded, such as setting reminders to pause and check in with oneself or reflecting on values and purpose. Ultimately, it is important to remember that everything should be done with these priorities and values in mind. 

Tony talks about the importance of understanding the foundation of one’s values, mission, and purpose in order to make decisions. Will and Tony discuss the STOP method, an acronym for Stop, Take a Breath, which is a classic mindfulness practice that can help in moments of stress and when one is triggered. Taking the pause allows them to slow down and not react. This method encourages people to take a moment to reflect on their values and ask themselves questions about why they are doing something.

Dealing with Difficult Situations

Will and Tony discuss maintaining mindfulness using the Stop, Take a Breath, Observe, and Proceed method of dealing with difficult situations, which involves taking a moment to understand what emotions are coming up and why. Will mentions the importance of not sending emails when annoyed and suggests making a phone call instead. Will talks about his executive coach’s question, “What are you currently avoiding?”. The conversation ultimately emphasized the importance of taking time to understand and process emotions before taking action.

Questions Used in Coaching

Tony talks about the questions he uses in his coaching practice. Tony’s first question is, “when you look at the week ahead, what do you look forward to the most?” He then moved on to the question, “what is one conversation that you are putting off that you really need to have.” This helps to identify any areas of avoidance and to move forward with life and work. He suggests taking note of what you are tolerating. Will asks Tony what sorts of responses he gets from his clients to the question of avoided conversations. Tony responds that he typically gets a variety of answers, ranging from fear of failure to fear of rejection to lack clarity on how to approach the conversation.

Tony tells Will where he found inspiration for his book, Climbing the Right Mountain, how to think differently about success, and how to determine the right mountain for you. He talks about his coaching practice and workshops and how many of his clients feel stuck or want to grow in a new direction.


  • 03:03- Assessing Business Activities to Maximize Energy and Productivity
  • 04:43- Evolving and Inspiring Yourself as an Entrepreneur
  • 07:30- Reflection and Inspiration for Business Growth
  • 10:12- Experiencing Awe and Climbing Kilimanjaro
  • 13:41- Exploring Human Experience: Tips for Training for Kilimanjaro and Experiencing New Things
  • 15:08- Expanding Consciousness and Grounded Leadership
  • 16:52- Grounded Leadership
  • 18:30- System Two Thinking and Executive Coaching
  • 20:53- The Benefits of Establishing a Foundation for Decision-Making
  • 24:17- Incorporating Questions into Coaching Practice


Climbing the Right Mountain





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