An Inspired Poem: One Moment of Courage


One moment of courage, a leap of faith

A chance to stand up, to face the race

To fight against the fear, the doubt, the pain

And take a step forward, again and again

It may be a simple act, a small feat

But it takes bravery, to stand on your feet

To speak up for justice, to defend the weak

To pursue your passion, no matter how bleak

It can be a choice, that changes your life

A turning point, amidst all the strife

To break the chains, of past mistakes

And find a new path, a fresh new place

In that one moment, the world can shift

A spark of courage, a mighty gift

It gives you wings, to fly above

And conquer the obstacles, with unwavering love

So hold on to that moment, keep it close

And let it fuel you, when you need it most

For in every journey, there will be a test

And one moment of courage, can lead to the best.


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