An Inspired Poem: Liminal Space


In liminal space, I find myself,

Neither here nor there,

Betwixt and between,

A place of uncertainty, rare.

It's a space of transformation,

Of growth and of change,

Where old ways are shed,

And new paths are arranged.

It's a space of exploration,

Of questions and of doubts,

Where we embrace the unknown,

And let go of our clouts.

In liminal space, I feel vulnerable,

Exposed and unsteady,

But I know that it's necessary,

For my soul to be ready.

It's a space of deep reflection,

Of introspection and of thought,

Where we confront our deepest fears,

And the lessons they have taught.

It's a space of creativity,

Where we reimagine our lives,

And craft a new reality,

One that truly thrives.

So though it may be uncomfortable,

This liminal space we're in,

Let us embrace the journey,

And let the transformation begin.


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