An Inspired Poem: Be the Calm in the Chaos


When the world is spinning out of control

And chaos seems to be the only goal

When fear and anxiety take hold

And the future seems so bleak and cold

Be the calm in the chaos, my friend

Let your steady heart and mind transcend

The noise and confusion, the storms and the rain

And find the peace that lies within

It's not about ignoring the pain

Or pretending that everything's okay

It's about holding on to hope and faith

And finding a way to rise above the fray

Be the calm in the chaos, my love

Let your inner light shine from above

Offer a helping hand, a shoulder to lean

And be the strength that others need to glean

For in the midst of turmoil and strife

It's the calm presence that brings new life

It's the power of love and compassion

That can heal even the deepest of fractures

So let us be the calm in the chaos

And let our spirits shine like the sun

For in this troubled world, we live in

It's the light that will guide us to overcome.


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